What Is Supplementary Agreement In India

. Kashmir requested that the complainant be ordered to pay escalation rates of 42 per cent, as approved under the Additional Agreement and confirmed by the Chief Engineer`s letter dated 5-5-1986. Respondent 1 responded to the complaint and submitted its offer, which was accepted by the Appellant herein. An agreement was reached between the parties on 14-12-1979. That. The agreement contained an arbitration clause. It appears that the respondent was able to complete construction in November 1983. In such circumstances, he applied to the Chief Engineer. . Implementing an approval. 7.1 In summary, the endorsement as a whole is in the nature of a certificate of no-show issued by the holder, who in this case is the applicant. apply the approval of 17.8.2017, because without the implementation of the agreement, that is, Now, the petitioner`s complaint is that the defendant Electricity Board insists that the petitioner execute an addendum.2. Counsel for the complainant argues that if the protection of the minimum guarantee is maintained, the applicant has no objection to the conclusion of a supplementary agreement.3.

In. The answer was provided by the Permanent Expert Adviser that the Electricity Authority obliged the applicant to execute the supplementary agreement only on the basis of the Directive of 19.11.2017 of 19.11.2017. . Date of use of the supplementary agreement and in violation of Circular MS No. 509, 510 of 2.5.97 and Circular No. 520 of 30.3.99, which is also irregular and. the defects were still present at the time of the claim for the subsequent agreement.