Notarized Divorce Agreement India

Hello, I`m Pavan. I got married on February 25, 2011, and very the next day I learned of the girl`s illegal affair with a married guy and her intentions to continue their relationship, so we never accepted our marriage, or we didn`t even live together for a single day, and I decided to part with it. As I have never lived with her, I have been thinking of a divorce since then with mutual agreement with the necessary clauses written on a bond paper at the secbad cantonal court. The girl`s daughter and parents agree to leave only if I give them 6 lakhs (after negotiation) and we continue and pay them. My question is, as I have not even lived with her for a single day and we have never put our marriage in mind, it always requires that I divorce in court or that the divorce on notary is sufficiently documented to continue with other marriages. If this notary is not valid and I wish to file a divorce application for mutual consent, she cannot show up or some Tantrums coz I have already paid her the amount, so what is the solution. A lawyer suggested that if she does not want to appear, she will file a routine divorce petition and the court will send notices to parents girls and girls to appear, and if they do not, then I will receive the decree. Please advise me on the right way to approach and I will get the divorce through the court as soon as possible. Please note that my wedding was February 25, 2011, and there are three months left before the end of a year. … she, to produce the divorce papers before us, after which the divorce deed, made under oath, was produced before a notary, and it was said that the parties separated from their…

order the respondent to refer respondent 2- Bhumika to this court to determine his will. 2. In accordance with the notification of this court by order of 07.10.2016… respondent 2 – Bhumika is present in court. We had found the right position of her in the room, and she had stated that she had married the petentin here and… 1) Despite the fact that the man is guilty of bigamy and assuming that he would not address the issue of Bigamy against you, your marriage will be illegal. I hope you want the last one to happen to them. I do not see why he would not be prepared to divorce by mutual consent, because that will not have an impact on his present life. … No one before the Circle Officer, she stated that she summed up in plot No. 171, Sector-19, Gandhinagar and filed a divorce declaration dated June 13, 2000, executed before a notary.

It`s… 2000 and it is therefore impossible to say that from that day of divorce, a member of the petitioner`s family owned a house or land. The petitioner preferred the request for review… It is argued that the woman divorced by mutual agreement with her husband on June 13, 2000, due to some differences with her husband. It is said that the petitioner… 7. Ask them to obtain a divorce by mutual consent of the court before marrying her. Sir, thank you very much for your proposal, but I still have a doubt, that if the girl is not ready to come to court to sign the mutual consent, and if I submit a routine divorce case, there will be a hearing again, etc.

because I am tired of arguing with the girl and her parents (please note that we have been abandoned for almost 9 months) , this desertion will be sufficient. IF SO, I WILL THE GIRL ANYHOW TO COME TO COURT AND SIGN THE MUTUAL CONSENT SO THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ANY QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSIONS….