Learning Agreement Semp

Student exchanges with partner universities continue under the SEMP on bilateral exchange agreements. The conditions for participation in the SEMP are those of the former Erasmus programme. The transfer contract is not established online Mobility, but is coordinated by email with the dean. In addition to a credit transfer contract, students in exchange for SEMP must enter into an apprenticeship agreement. Students establish their apprenticeship agreement directly on Mobility Online and only to obtain their scholarship. Information about this can be found on the UZH (Global Student Experience, GSE) website. The signing of a SEMP agreement entitles students to mobility grants. In 2018-19, they amounted to CHF 1600 to CHF 2200 per semester (depending on the host country) and CHF 170 per day plus travel costs (chf 600 maximum) for teachers. Who signs SEMP agreements? The office of international relations appointed by the rector is empowered to sign agreements. Agreements signed by other UNIGE members cannot be taken into account and cannot be funded. The signing of an agreement is subject to the approval of the host section or faculty. You can find a list of our SEMP agreements in the exchange opportunity database. UZH manages approximately 460 exchange contracts in 50 disciplines with more than 200 partner universities across Europe.

Students from these partner universities can study one or two semesters at UZH under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP), formerly Erasmus: exchanges by SEMP must last at least 3 months and a maximum of 12 months. One possibility of studying in Switzerland is to enrol in regular studies as an international student. Alternatively, you can apply for one or two semesters as an exchange student or as a guest student and complete most of your studies at your home university. Exchange students continue to pay their regular fees at their home university, while host students pay the fees of the host university. Start by knowing if your university participates in international exchange programs or if it has bilateral agreements with a Swiss university. Remember that there are different types of agreements. In addition to exchange opportunities under specialized exchange agreements, it is possible to study at UZH through a non-technical agreement. This option is available to students if there is no exchange contract in their subject. Switzerland supports mobility and cooperation activities in Europe through the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Although Switzerland is no longer a member of the ERASMUS programme, it remains a partner country and participates fully in the student exchange programme through the SEMP. In order to respond to reciprocity, financial assistance is also granted to European students to spend time in Switzerland (incoming). Mobility grants and financial information: outgoing students pay their regular course at the University of Ozye-in and benefit from the exemption of tuition fees in the host institution.

Exchange students are responsible for their personal expenses and cost of living while studying abroad. Scholarships (all students who leave and arrive) are paid by Switzerland via Movetia. Movetia is the Swiss agency for trade and mobility. It is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Exchanges and Mobility (SFAM). Click here for detailed information.